Adopt A Special Species Pair & Pay 1/2 The Price!


Looking to add a small furry companion to your home? Why not two…or even three?! Many small animals like guinea pigs, rats and rabbits are incredibly social and do best when kept in pairs or more of their own kind!

For the month of August, the Toronto Humane Society is offering a promotion in their Special Species department; adopt a bonded pair or trio and pay half the price! That’s right, not only are their adoption fees reasonable to begin with but now you can give a bonded pair or trio the second chance they’ve been waiting for even less!

For a list of the current small animals available click here.

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So what are you waiting for? Contact the Toronto Humane Society today!

The Toronto Humane Society
11 River Street,
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4C2
Phone: 416.392.2273
Fax: 416.392.9978

Shelter Hours:
Monday to Friday 11am – 6pm (animal viewing until 7pm)
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm (animal viewing until 6pm)


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