Rabbit Savvy Veterinary List!


Ajax, Ontario

Riverside Pet Hospital
Recommended Vet: Dr. Mike Korosi D.V.M
110 Ritchie Street
Ajax, ON L1S 7G5
‘Dr. Korosi listens to me and is great with our four rabbits. One of our rabbits has a few unique medical conditions and Dr. Korosi treats him gently and with care. Our two female rabbits were spayed by him with no complications. This clinic is reasonably priced and always tries to work around my schedule to see us as quickly as possible. The rest of the staff is also friendly and compassionate, showing a true love for animals.’ – K.

Brantford, Ontario

Windrush Veterinary Services
155 Lynden Road
Brantford, ON N3R 8A7
Phone: 519-720-0753
‘They are kind, caring and dedicated to helping in any way possible. Plus they have excellent skills and knowledge when it comes to exotics or even wildlife!!’ – A.

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Eagle Ridge Animal & Bird Hospital
Recommended Vet: Dr. Upjohn
2599 Runnel Drive
Coquitlam, British Columbia V3E 1S3
Phone: (604) 464-3343

Guelph, Ontario

Campus Estates Animal Hospital
1460 Gordon Street South
Guelph, Ontario N1L 1C8
Phone: (519) 837-1212
‘We cannot say enough good things about Campus Estates Animal Hospital
in Guelph! The clinic is staffed with multiple exotic vets, surgeons
and specialists. They also provide mentoring to our future exotic
vets at Ontario Veterinary College. I could write a book on how many
times they have saved one of my critters. I personally would not
trust buns, chins, degus, etc. to anywhere else – and they do avian,
too. Top-notch, state of the art hospital and probably the most
important thing ever, 24-hour emergency care for exotics!’ – L.

Montreal, Quebec

Hopital Pour Oiseaux & Animaux Exotiques de Montreal
(Montreal Bird and Exotic Animals Hospital)
Recommended Vet: Dr. Bealieu
6090 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H4A 1Y1
Phone: 514-486-5258
‘Simone, my bunny, had a problem with her ears and Dr. Bealieu was extremely helpful.’ – V.

Richmond, British Columbia

Little Paws Animal Clinic
Recommended Vet: Dr. Martinez
130 – 12011, 2nd Avenue
Richmond, B.C. V7E 3L6
Phone: 604-241-PETS (7387)

Welland, Ontario

Main West Animal Hospital
Recommended Vet: Dr. Davidson
1 Broadway Ave.
Welland, Ontario L3C 5L2
Phone: (905) 735-7877
‘I am so grateful to have found Dr. Davidson in the office.. she got my Hercules through getting fixed.. okay she got me through getting him fixed.. I may have been a wreck over the whole thing… plus they gave calls to find out how he was doing every other day for over 2 weeks.. the staff was EXTREMELY kind and caring.. they noticed he was more comfortable in his carrier with his own towel from home so they moved him to an area to accommodate him and to make his day stay more comfortable yet still safe. They make us welcome when we go and make sure he does not get stressed by other animals.’ – T.



Honeybourne Veterinary Centre
Ferlys House
Overton Park Road, Cheltenham GL50 3BP
Phone: 01242 522 429
‘I have visited this veterinary clinic with two of my guinea pigs and one of my rabbits on several different occasions with various health issues. I have been seen by three different vets and all of them were very knowledgeable with small animals. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Cheltenham area, I also feel the cost is very reasonable, what a bonus! The consultations set me back about £30 and then whatever medicine or treatment they needed on top of that. 5 stars from me and the pets.’ 🙂 – B.


Nature’s Vet
Paulton Surgery
Old School House, Church Street
Paulton BS39 7LG
Phone: 01761 411705
‘The Paulton location is really expert with rabbits and reasonably priced.’ – C.


GP Vets
Recommended Vet: Sue Stacey
17 West Street
Tadley, Hampshire RG26 3ST
Tel: 0118 981 3668
Phone: 01642 604555

Sopwith Close

Jacqui Paterson’s Veterinary Surgery
Sopwith Close Surgery
Recommended Vet: Jacqui Paterson
Sopwith Close, Stockton-On-Tees, TS18 3TE
Phone: 01642 604555
‘Jacqui Paterson is awesome; best in my area.’ – S.



Buchan Veterinary Clinics
Peterhead Location
York St
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 1SP
Phone: 01779472460



The Animal Clinic
Sunset Way
Block 109 Clementi Street 11
Singapore 120109
Phone: 67744464 / 67746626
‘All of the vets here are equally good, caring, gentle and know their stuff. There was once, a really aggressive cat that was brought in and the vet managed to hush it and make it purr. Another time, someone brought in a very ill bunny and this one dog was barking really loudly at it. The vet immediately led the owner and his bunny to a quieter room so the bunny wouldn’t be in more distress. Two of my friends who both have rabbits also recommend this clinic.’ 🙂 – C.


 Collierville, Tennessee

All Creatures Pet Hospital
Recommended Vet: Dr. Pope
2050 W. Poplar Ave. #126
Collierville, Tennessee 38017
Phone: 901-853-4220
‘I see Dr. Pope and he’s great with my rabbit!’ – A.

Des Moines, Iowa 

Oaks Veterinary Clinic
2030 27th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50310
Phone: 515-279-3654
‘I use Oaks because they are very well priced and don’t push any medicines or unnessecary things on you! They came to me well reccomended, and I’m so glad I go to them!’ – T.

Madison, Wisconsin

UW-Madison Veterinary Teaching Hospital
2015 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-263-7600
‘Great for emergency service at night if I need to take them in immediately or if it’s during the daytime they can usually make a space for me to bring them in. They are amazing but they are pricey as they’re a university hospital and have the highest technology available. I therefore only use this one for emergencies and risky surgeries that my other vet doesn’t have much experience in.’ – L.

Middleton, Wisconsin

Middleton Veterinary Hospital 
Recommended Vet: Barbara Huie, DVM
2705 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608-836-8561
‘The exotics vet in this clinic is only available a few times a week so I only bring my pets here if the vet is available or if it’s minor issues that can wait for a day or so until she gets. Their service has been great though and if there’s something that they can’t do in this smaller clinic they refer me to the bigger University clinic.’ – L.

Wellesley, Virginia

Wellesley Animal Hospital‎
3430 Lauderdale Drive
Richmond, VA 23233
Phone: 804-364-7030
‘GREAT people, lovely facility, a couple exotic vets on staff.  I had no problems at all with my baby boy’s neuter.  They worked with my time constraints, as I had to travel 2 hrs to get to them and was waiting while he went through surgery and recovery.  Young holland lop, small operating zone, and still no issues at all with healing or pain.  They were wonderful.’ – M.

*Please note that this list is based on submissions by our followers. Please do your own research when contacting these veterinarians to ensure your rabbit is in capable hands. If you have a rabbit savvy vet you would like to add to our list please e-mail their information to info@budgetbunny.ca. All entries remain anonymous but could help another rabbit owner in your area!*  

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  1. Tracy Pilcher says:

    Hello just to let you know that Dr. Davidson has left the Main West Animal hospital in Welland Ontario, the main Exotics vet is still their as he is part owner of this and another clinic. Dr. Aron Bhan is his name and he actually helped on the neuter for my male as he was so tiny the other had never done one on a rabbit that small.
    My review still stands.. I am amazed at the care they give my 2 buns.
    Dr Bahn is also the vet that the Lincoln County Humane Society in St. Catharines uses when their regular vet can not make it down from Barrie. The regular vet for LCHS and Dr Bhan actually trained in exotics together. ( I now volunteer for the LCHSso have been able to speak with their regular exotics vet)

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