In the summer of 2012 we had several days that reached over 45C with the humidex. People and their pets were advised to stay indoors as much as possible and even taking the dogs out to use the washroom had them panting. On the way back from taking the dogs out around dinnertime, Murray started going through a set of bushes, pulling me in there with him. He had found a cat, all skin and bones hiding in there. Feeling bad for the poor thing I took the dogs home, filled a bowl with water and another with some of our cat’s food and headed back over to the bush. When I had a good look at the cat however, I realized she needed more than just a meal. She was panting heavily and unresponsive when I pet and talked to her. When I picked her up she just laid limp in my arms. I rushed her back to the house to try and help her. I knew she must have been dehydrated but I wasn’t sure how to deal with that so I got some fans going in the garage, wrapped some ice packs in towels and laid her on them, then began syringing her water. I even used a spray bottle to soak her fur a bit with cool water. I knew she was really overheated when she didn’t even react to getting wet. Finally she started coming around and wanted to move a bit on her own. She drank some more water and scarfed down the food I had brought her. I couldn’t let her in to our house since we have so many other pets so Hubby and I let her spend the night in the garage, then let her out in the morning. The next day she was waiting for me when I got home from work so we let her sleep in the garage again and I began leaving her a bowl of fresh water and food on our front stoop. I began calling her Cali.

I knew we couldn’t take in another animal but I was losing sleep knowing she was out on the streets. Since my birthday was in the near future, I asked my Husband if we could at least get her fixed and vaccinated so I knew she was protected while being outdoors. I was also trying to find a permanent home for her but didn’t have any offers. All the shelters and humane societies were overrun with cats and said she’d just get turned away or destroyed if we brought her there. Around this time we also discovered that she had been owned by one of the newer neighbours down the street who decided to ditch her outdoors, not spayed and unvaccinated.

It wasn’t long before we realized that her growing stomach was not just from the meals we were giving her but also because she was pregnant. At this point my Husband and I had to make a decision. I was a complete mess worried sick about this poor little thing that had to not only brave the elements outdoors but was soon going to be bringing babies in to this world. Then one day my Husband sat me down and told me he thought we should help her raise the kittens, find them permanent homes and then have her vaccinated and spayed so she could live with us. I began crying, so relieved that I no longer had to worry about Cali.

Soon after Cali gave birth to three beautiful kittens. Unfortunately during that first week we lost one of them but the other two thrived.  Eight weeks later they went to their own loving, forever homes with two members of our family. Cali was vaccinated, spayed and now lives safely indoors with the rest of the fur family. There were barely any issues introducing her to our two cats, Charlie and Indie and now all three of them love to sit at the patio door watching birds at the feeder or enjoy chasing each other around the house. Cali loves to poke her head up from the bottom of the bed when she hears me moving first thing in the morning before coming to me for a good morning snuggle. She is extremely clumsy and playful and has brought my Husband and I so much happiness. Best of all, we sleep soundly knowing she has the loving home she always deserved.

You can follow Cali here:
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  1. Natalie R. says:

    Oh, my! I have 3 cats like that, although they were in better condition when I found them! Cream Puff, Happy, and Cashew have brought so much joy to my life after I rescued them. They truly are angels in disguise.

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