Phinni & Sammi

Sir Phinneus Fluffytocks and Sir Sampson McSqueakerbox are our two Abyssinian guinea pigs.  I had taken an interest in guinea pigs about a year or so ago when I stumbled upon some great YouTube videos about them!  I had no idea how social, adorable and inquisitive they were and their little wheeks and squeaks were just too cute!  Then I met Phinni and just had to have him!  I talked to my Hubby about him, showed him some photos of him and we decided that a guinea pig would fit perfectly into our family.  I have an abundance of NIC cubes so after some planning I built him a large cage on top of one of our rabbit cages.

The first time I held Phinni he squealed just like a little pig – that is until I sat him in my lap and started petting him.  Next thing I knew he was making these adorable little wheeks and purr kind of sounds!  Hubby and I loved his rockstar hairstyle and decided he needed some kind of outrageous name to match!  After lots of debate we came up with Sir Phinneus Fluffytocks!

Phinni loves to do laps around his cage and would call to me whenever he could hear me moving around upstairs!  It didn’t take long before I was hand feeding him and although he doesn’t like being picked up, he loves chin scratches and in between his ears pet.  I knew guinea pigs were social like rabbits and that they should really be housed in at least pairs so I spoke with Hubby about getting him a friend.  At first he said no but after seeing how vocal and social Phinni is and because his cage is really the recommended size for at least 3 guinea pigs we had the space for another so I started looking around for the perfect friend for him.

Boars can be harder to bond as dominance can become an issue so I made sure to get a very young baby for him.  We are unsure of how old Phinni is but don’t think he’s too old as he’s so active!  As Phinni has a spectacular name we had to also give his little buddy a great one too so I came up with Sir Sampson McSqueakerbox.  It only took a few days to bond them and now they’re completely inseparable!  If I take one out of the cage the other starts frantically wheeking in search of his friend!

Sammi is much shyer than Phinni.  I’m not sure if it’s because he’s been bossed around a bit by Phinni and such a young pig but he’s finally started coming out of his shell.  It took about a month before he started making lots of noise, now he wheeks louder than Phinni when he knows it’s veggie time!  He hides when my hand comes around the cage but he has started coming to the cage bars when I show up with food and I’ve even gotten him to eat out of my hands a few times!

Overall they have settled in to our family nicely and I could spend hours watching them squeal and popcorn around their cage!

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10 Responses to Phinni & Sammi

  1. lexi f says:

    do phinni and sammi scurry like other guinea pigs? p.s. they are adorable

  2. Autumn says:

    Uhhh I wish I could gunea pigs!! But my friend’s Mom is allergic 🙁

    • Puffball Harris says:

      If she’s allergic to the guinea pig itself, that could be a problem, but perhaps she’s allergic to the hay!! Or the bedding!! If so you can see her reaction around several different types. Hopes this helps!! 🙂

  3. Erika says:

    BTW ur piggies are too cute I could watch them all day but also do u feed ur piggies bananas because ive heard things but i dont know wat to do?

    • katie says:

      you can give guinea pigs bananas but only a few slices cause they have an abundance of sugar. personally my guinea pig paco love bananas so much he’ ll week for them if he hears me in the kitchen! hope this helped

  4. Dominic says:

    Hello, BudgetBunny
    I’m trying to let my parents to let me get a Guinea Pig, and have some questions. Is it better to have 1 or 2 Guinea Pigs? Is it better to house 2 males, or 2 females? Are they as easy to litter train as rabbits? I litter trained my rabbit very easily! If my parents let me get one, I want to build a cage like yours.

    • Shayla says:

      Hi, you should definitely get 2 or more guinea pigs because they are herd animals. 2 females are better than 2 males, in their herd in the wild they have 1 male, a couple females then the rest are babies so males don’t usually live together in the wild.
      Sadly guinea pigs are hard to litter train you can do it but they will probably not use 100% of the time,if you use fleece in the cage when they pee it soak down to the bottom layer of it and leave the bottom dry as for poops you’ll have to spot clean everyday:( hope I helped;)

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