Lots Of Hay For The New Year!


A few weeks ago, Mom and Dad braved a snowstorm to pick up 6 bales of farm fresh timothy hay from Bales4Bunnies! Hay is the most important part of our diet you know and should always be available in unlimited amounts!


When Mom and Dad got home they set to work dividing the hay in to storage containers and sacks. Now it’s taking over our house! There’s hay here…


…and here….


…and lots under here! There are even five more bins tucked under there full of the good stuff! I think we’ll be set for a while!

If you’re in the Peterborough area, you should check out their website:


My bunnies love their hay and you can’t beat the price!

– The Bb Buns

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2 Responses to Lots Of Hay For The New Year!

  1. Susan Slywchuk says:

    I get my hay from Bales4Bunnies, but can only get 1 at a time as I’m in an apartment. No room for more than 1. The really love this batch of hay. They are eating it all the time. 🙂

  2. Adam F says:

    I wish I lived near that area. Cincinnati, Ohio isn’t the most resourceful place to get rabbit supplies. Not to mention the Tractor Supply stores run more expensive than what’s it’s worth, and maybe the fact that I am 16 and I only make part time wages. Owning a rabbit is fun.

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