REVIEW: Untreated Mini Pinecones by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals


Untreated Mini Pinecones are an all natural treat by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals. These pinecones are a great and natural way to keep your rabbit’s teeth worn down and satisfy their natural urge to chew. Bunnies who love to toss things may also find these entertaining as they are lightweight and easy for your rabbit to grip and throw.

When testing this product I found our big chewer Honey couldn’t get enough of these and had hers destroyed in a matter of days! Rocky and Willow enjoyed repeatedly nibbling on theirs and Ollie, who really needs food as an incentive to play or chew on things, showed no interest in them. Rocky also enjoyed tossing these around the cage! If your rabbit loves to chew I would highly suggest these all natural pinecones!


  • Aids in preventing overgrown teeth and satisfying pet’s need to chew
  • Entire product is edible
  • Safe, all natural treat
  • More playful rabbits may enjoy tossing these lightweight toys around, keeping your rabbit busy
  • Would also be great for other small pets such as guinea pigs


  • If your rabbit needs food as an incentive they may not bother with this chew.

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Thank you so much to Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals for sending us this product to review!

Look forward to more reviews of Little Bunny Guru’s products in upcoming weeks!

Rating: 4.5/5

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