Visiting Bales4Bunnies!

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It was such a beautiful Autumn day on Sunday and we were getting quite low on hay so Hubby and I arranged to meet up with the bunderful Robyn of Bales4Bunnies! Robyn is always so welcoming! We had a great visit with her and she let us hang out with the rabbits for a bit before continuing on our way.


This time around we picked up four bales of hay which should last us around five months with our six hay nomming pets. The bales were a lovely green colour and smelled so sweet and delicious it made me even want to nibble on some! Robyn’s hay never disappoints and our pets can’t seem to get enough!

If you’re in the Peterborough area, you should check out their website:

My bunnies love their hay and you can’t beat the price!

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2 Responses to Visiting Bales4Bunnies!

  1. Christy says:

    How much for her bale of hay? I try to contact her but she never responds..

  2. Paris says:

    This is really expensive for Timothy hay. Even for Canada. I live in Massachusetts and a local horse farm sells me a bale of hay for $8. If I only want half it’s four bucks! A Huge savings from the pet store hay which is $12-$15 for a small bag. The bales 4 buns site never says where they are from. Only South Peterborough. I had to look up their town and area code and found out they are in southern Ontario. That is vital information for a website. Bunnies go through a lot of hay. Contact local farmers or horse barns for fresh and reasonably priced hay in your own town.

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