What I Use In My Litterboxes

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  1. Livy P. says:

    i was hoping you could do a video on how to litter train your rabbit. I have 2 10 mo. old rabbits, one was adopted recently. They have 2 litter boxes in their cage, they dont pee outside of their cage, but they do poo, outside quite a bit. I’ve tried a bunch of methods, but all have failed. Please Help!!!
    Thank you!

    • BudgetBunny says:

      Hi Livy,

      Have you checked out the post our guest blogger bun-expert Iris wrote with some excellent litter training tips? I guarantee it will help you out 🙂

      xox BudgetBunny <3

  2. Carleigh says:

    I really like how you save your money and I would like to use the same method but I was wondering if its ok if the bunny eats the paper with ink on it. The paper will be coming from a hospital just to let you know.

    PS. i love your website and i’m so happy that you love animals as much as I do. One more question i might be getting another bunny what breed do you recommend?

  3. Carleigh says:

    By the way the Hotmail account is my moms.

    • Carleigh says:

      hi again!
      sorry if i’m bothering you but i’m going to make a condo for my rabbit Coco she is a brown and white dutch, anyway what kind of natural wood do you use?
      Please email me ASAP because i’m going to start the first week of June.

      Thanks Carleigh<3
      Love the vids!

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