Veggie Kabobs

Okay so technically these are veggie and/or fruit kabobs but that seemed like a long title.


  • Apple sticks
  • Fruits and veggies

Cost: Free (I’m assuming you’d already have fruits and veggies in the house that you’re feeding your rabbit)

Remember those apple sticks I told you about a few months ago?  Well they’re going to come in handy for this tasty treat!  Start by cutting narrow apple branches in 3.5 inch sections.  Next, choose the veggies and fruits you want to use on the kabobs.  Some great options are apples, carrots, cucumber and the ends of broccoli but I also used scissors to cut circles in a collard green leaf and used that.  Then all you have to do is spear the pieces of vegetable or fruit on to the sticks and voila!  A yummy kabob for your bunny to enjoy!

This delicious snack should be considered a treat, especially if you’re using fruit so only give to your rabbits a few times a week.

On a side note here if you don’t have or can’t get some apple sticks you can pick up those wooden skewers I used for the bunny dumbbells at the dollar store, cut them up and you’re all set!



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