Bunny Dumbbells

A quick toy to make, the Bunny Dumbbell will have your rabbit tossing and nibbling for hours!  Plus it’s just so fun to watch them trying to lift it like a bodybuilder!


  • 2 Willow Balls
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Twine, or Sisal Rope
  • Small Jingle Bells (Optional)
  • Strong scissors or pruning scissors

Cost: $2-$4 I found all of these supplies at the dollar store. As well you may already have some of these supplies around the house from previous projects.

Start by cutting 6 wooden skewers so they’re approximately 8″ long.  You’ll want to cut off excess from the side that has the pointy end. Bundle the skewers together and use your twine to tie them together about 3″ from one end.  So they don’t come apart easily make sure to triple knot and wrap around the skewers a few times.  Cut off most of the excess rope and repeat at the other end.

If you’re using small jingle bells to create added intrigue pop them in to the Willow balls now.  You can try to move some of the willow to cover the spot you put them in.  Please note if you use the jingle bells you should keep this as a supervised toy only.  The small jingle bells could be swallowed if your rabbit gets it out, although my rabbits have never seemed to care about the bell once it’s out of the ball.

The final step is to find a larger hole in your willow ball and pop the bundle of skewers in until they hit the far end.  Repeat on the other side….and you’re finished!  Now give to your rabbit during play time and watch him/her work those teeth!


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