Hay Baskets

When the Buns are out and about they still need access to fresh water, pellets and hay.  Rather than making a hay pile on the floor – which will quickly make a massive mess – consider looking for an all natural basket to put your hay in.  Your local Pet Store may have nice baskets for your rabbits but I can guarantee the price will be steep!  I love my rabbits but have a really hard time spending tons of money on things they’re going to eat and destroy!  Especially when I know there’s cheaper alternatives out there.

Check out the craft section at retail stores, craft stores and dollar stores.  Many of these places have baskets meant for flower arrangements but they also make perfect hay baskets!  Even if you might not need it now, always keep your eyes open for a great sale!  I found this basket on clearance for only $1 so I bought 3!  And the great thing is with baskets this inexpensive, I can enjoy watching my rabbits try to pull apart the woven wood instead of worrying about how much it’s costing me!

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  1. Murad says:

    Hi Pops what a pair of sweeties, I love them and their gorueogs eyes, your colouring as always is beautiful and the flowers and card design is stuning. with hugs Shirleyxxx

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    Dear Preston, here are my three questions:1.0 How do you deal with difficult coordinators?2.0 How do you deal with difficult friends or family of the bride?3.0 At the end of a tiring and trying day, what makes you smile and say, ahh this was a day well lived!

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    That’s going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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