Multi-Coloured Lattice Balls

They may have plastic toy balls in the rabbit section of your pet store but generally anything for an exotic (which your bunny is classified as) is much more expensive.  However if you go wandering in to other aisles you are likely to find toys that could still work for your rabbit and are probably a lot cheaper!

You’ve probably seen these in the Cat section of the pet store.  They’re the plastic lattice covered balls with a little bell inside.  Well guess what?!  Not only are they cheap but they also make a perfect toy for your bunny!  Your rabbit will love to push these around with her nose OR because they have lots of little holes for your bunny to get her teeth in to, she will love tossing and throwing the ball around.  And if you have a cat in your house….well then they’ll both enjoy the new toy!

Cost: Approximately 3 for $1 or $0.50

BudgetBunny Savings Tip!: Check out the pet section of your local Dollar Store.  Our dollar store sells clear plastic tubs for $1.50 with about 10 balls in them!

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  1. Puffball Harris says:

    I found these ADORABLE Angry Birds jingly cat toys at a grocery store. They’re perfect for bunnies!! 🙂

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