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2014: A Bun-tacular Year!

Wow did 2014 ever fly by! It was an incredibly busy one that brought many new and exciting changes for us!


The beginning of 2014 began as any other. While Mom, Dad and fellow Canadians braved snowstorm after snowstorm, us bunnies spent our days cozy and warm binkying around the house.


When that got too exhausting, we retreated to our condos and snuggled in to our warm and fuzzy beds!


But then Dad made a big decision! He decided it was time we found a home better suited for us and Mom agreed! They began working around the clock to fix up our house and get it ready to sell! The first of many big changes came when Mom and Dad disassembled our condos and we were moved in to large pens. Mom said it was so that she could easily pack us up when we had a showing at the house.


And then the fun began! We spent a few days at Auntie and Uncles and a few more at Grandma’s. We didn’t mind much and enjoyed the change of scenery! The weather was even pretty nice and we got to enjoy a few of those days outdoors with Mom by our side and in the safety of our pens!


Mom and Dad did a great job on the house and sold quickly! They fell in love with a new home even faster but unfortunately their dates didn’t line up and we were going to have a month in between for our new house. Mom promised us it would all be worth it in the end!


We spent a month in the country with Mom, and Dad came to visit on weekends. We had lots of space to play in the big pens that Mom and Dad set up! Although it was new territory we settled in quickly and often did binkies and laps around our pens! Then it was finally time to move in to our new home!


But our story doesn’t end there! While we waited in a temporary room, Dad and Grandpa set to work building us a special room of our very own!


Since we don’t all get along, they divided one of the bedrooms in half so that we each had our own living area with lots of floor space and things to keep us busy!


We have been in our new house for six months and although it was a crazy year, we have all settled in well and love our new home!


Hoppy New Year!


– The Bb Buns

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Have A Hoppy Week!

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First Official **New** Rabbit Pen Tours | September 2014

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Our New Schedule & Where You Can Find Us!

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Extended Absence – We’re Moving!

Our apologies to all of BudgetBunny’s readers for our extended absence.

The Bb household is moving! After spending a month renovating our home, we went on the market for only a few days before receiving an offer! Next we found our dream home which will be the perfect place for Mr. Bb, the Fur Family and I to call home! Packing and getting ready to move has taken up most of our time these days which has left me with no spare time to work on the blog.

Unfortunately our dates to move out and move in didn’t line up so some of the Fur Family will be in my care while I stay at my parents. The others will be in the care of some lovely family and friends. As soon as our month of in-between is over and we take possession of our home, all of the furries will be coming to join us!

We promise to be back up and running as soon as we can! We hope to be settled in to our new home mid-July!! Until then, please continue to enjoy the blog, our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page. We have been trying to post at least one photo/update a day on our Facebook page to try and keep everyone in the loop.

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Final Pet Room Tour | March 2014

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Introducing The New Living World Green Line By Hagen!

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We’re Back!

Hi Everybunny!

Thank you for your patience.

We have been working hard at fixing some bugs and issues with the website and are happy to report that we are back up and running!

The site should be better than ever and fixing these minor things means we can now begin working on our shop!

Regular updates will begin again shortly so stay tuned!

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Bun Bun Goes Camping!

This past week the fam was at Killbear Provincial Park for some good old fashioned camping fun! Our family has been going to Killbear for years and it is one of the highlights of summer!


We were lucky to have beautiful, sunny skies the entire time we were there! Perfect for days spent at the beach or cooling off in the water!


The sunsets here are beautiful so one evening we ventured over to Sunset Rock which wasn’t too far from where we were staying. What a beautiful sight to see!


Later in the evenings we would all gather around the campfire telling stories and making s’mores for the kids. There were also crafts each night for the kids to do. Some nights the adults had fun making them too!


One night when it got really late, we went down to the beach to look at the stars. The skies were so clear, you could see stars for miles!


We had an amazing time and were sad to see the trip go by so quickly! Can’t wait until next year!

xox Bun Bun

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Extended Abscence

Our apologies to all of BudgetBunny’s readers for our extended absence.

Summer and family have gotten the best of us and we have been busy going on vacations, helping family move as well as celebrating several birthdays and anniversaries!

We promise to be back up and running in full swing late next week!! Until then, please continue to enjoy the blog and the YouTube page and we will return to our regular schedule shortly… along with the grand opening of the BudgetBunny store!

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