Welcome Home Carina!

In the summer of 2018, one of my wonderful, rescue minded friends saw a domestic rabbit running around her neighbourhood. With the help of a few other neighbours, they were able to catch the rabbit and after doing some inquiring, found out which house on their street the bunny had come from. It turned out that the ‘owners’ had purchased the rabbit for their child who had grown bored of the animal and then left it in an unsecured crate in their backyard.

After several more escapes, my friend spoke with her neighbours and offered to take the bunny and find her a good home. Thankfully they agreed. My friend gathered some supplies and became her foster Mama. Of course through all of this she was keeping me updated and we were both working on finding her a permanent home. It was around this time that

our sweet boy Ollie passed away from old age. Since our three remaining rabbits were also seniors, I had decided to attempt bonding them as a trio. We set up an x-pen in the play area so that Willow could safely interact with Honey and Sebastian as well as for general company. Doing this meant that I had an unused pen just sitting there, waiting for the right tenant!

I’m sure you can guess what happened next! In September, that sweet 6 month old girl – who has since been named Carina – found her forever home with us! She was of course quite nervous at first of her new surroundings. The pet room is hardly a quiet place! But within a few days she was running to the door when I came down with food and letting me pet her. And it didn’t take long for her inner snuggle bug to show itself! She LOVES a good cuddle! When you massage her little cheeks she completely melts in to you. She also loves full body rubs and stretches all the way out so you can pet her entire body.

Over the past few months Carina has truly settled in with us. I often find her stretched out on her second level, contentedly snoozing away. She is also very curious, outgoing and does insane leaps and binkies when it’s meal time. She loves to jump up on the couch and snuggle in with us, chase the cats and binky when she thinks no one is watching. My favourite thing though, has been watching her learn to play. She didn’t seem very interested in the toys I originally gave her but now loves to chew and toss everything in her path! She has been a wonderful addition to the Bb family and an absolute joy to have in our lives!

I can’t wait to share more of her adventures with you!

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