Rabbits & Easter Don’t Mix!


With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone about the time, care and dedication that pet rabbit’s require.

Every year thousands of rabbits, baby chicks, ducks and guinea pigs are purchased as adorable Easter pets only to be ditched weeks later at shelters or abandoned outdoors when the child they were purchased for tires of them. 

Rabbits are an 8-10 year commitment.  They require at least 3-6 hours of free range exercise time daily.  Store bought cages are not large enough to house your rabbit and provide all of the necessities he/she needs to be happy and healthy.  Rabbits love to chew and dig so if you don’t properly rabbit proof your house cords, carpet, clothing, bedding and furniture can all become victims to what is a natural instinct.  When they reach their teenager years (usually starting around 4-6 months of age) they will develop some nasty habits like lunging, growling, humping and marking their territory if you don’t have them spayed or neutered.  Rabbits are social animals who require constant interaction with you or preferably another fixed rabbit.  Rabbits need a constant supply of hay as well as pellets and fresh veggies fed daily and should see a vet at least once a year for a check-up.

If you are seriously considering adding a rabbit to your family, please do your research and consider visiting your local rescue about a month after Easter has passed. This will be when those cute and cuddly Easter rabbits start showing up on their doorstep.

I would like to also remind everyone that rabbits are the third most abandoned animal at shelters after cats and dogs.

So this year, resist the temptation and opt for a chocolate or stuffed Easter bunny instead!

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