The Big Move!

Phew! What a busy few months it’s been!

Mom and Dad decided to sell their home in February so that we could all have more space! There were things they wanted to finish and fix up first so March became known as Reno Month around here! Dad and Mom are big DIY people so we’re used to all of the noise and being shuffled about!


At the beginning of April, Dad dismantled our condos to stage our room as a spare bedroom. Mom made sure we had plenty of space and made us temporary pens out of the storage grids our condos were built from.


We sold quickly with an early closing date – yikes! Time to get packing!

In the mean time Mom and Dad found their dream home, but unfortunately their move out and move in dates didn’t line up!


So we spent a month in the country with some of Mom’s family. The drive up was squishy – we had to fit all of Mom and Dad’s stuff, our stuff, the dogs stuff, and most importantly, all of us in one trip! Dad is an awesome packer though and made it all work!

We had a great time out there! There were lots of people to give us cookies and snuggles and Mom made sure we had lots of space. We loved to do binkies and laps around the big pens Mom set up for us!


When the month was done, Dad came and picked us all up and we went to another family member’s home for the final week. We weren’t bothered at all – we love a good adventure – and were happy to get out of our carriers and stretch our legs! We are seasoned travellers now!


And finally on July 4th, Mom and Dad got the keys to our new home! They were so excited, Mom was jumping up and down! By the end of the night all of the fur family was reunited at the new home and we finally have a place to call our own again!

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  1. Alina says:

    I love the pictures and the story being told by the buns, SO CUTE!!!

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