Willow Enjoys Some Dill!

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  1. Elaine Pavone says:

    I love watching your videos of the rabbits. I had six at different times, but they all
    passed away. You have not lived until you have given Kaopectate to a rabbit for diarrhea, had to do CPR on a rabbit, or given an I.V. to a rabbit. Poor VET. He coded
    my rabbit, and intubated him, while I did CPR-poor thing did not make it. Another
    VET did resusitation on a dog on the floor, and another did it to a cat. I guess the
    VETS had a very sad day indeed. I love all of the good information that you provide
    on rabbit care. What can you put in the cage so that the rabbits feet are not on the
    wire cage? We dont have alot of room at the house. I live in Florida where it gets really hot and sometimes it gets to freezing temperatures during winter. I usually
    have the rabbit in air conditioning, and when its not too bad, have him in the
    patio. where he can run and jump. Am looking to get another rabbit eventually as
    I really miss them. Mom loves them too. When Dad was alive he grew greens in
    the garden and they really liked radicchio. My rabbits kissed me on the nose, did
    tricks, and put the metal ball in my hands. We also had a large beach ball and the
    rabbit went round and round with it until he got dizzy. It was a riot.

    We love Canada as well, having been to Toronto, Halifax, PEI, and New Brunswick.
    We used to get CBC and CBC North on satellite, but now have the little one, and
    cannot get it anymore, so we watch on computer.

    Again, thank you for all you do for the rabbits.

    Love and kisses to all, Elaine

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