REVIEW: Organic Wheatgrass Kits In Recycled Plastic Pots by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals


Organic Wheatgrass Kits include organic wheatgrass seeds, recycled plastic pots and a unique blend of organic potting soil. You can also find these kits in larger sizes and custom seed amounts. Painted terracotta pots are available as well upon request.

IMG_8696Wheatgrass is an all natural, healthy treat for any pet. It contains 12 amino acids, is a powerful detoxifier, increases circulation, can help prevent illness and contains a variety of nutrients! It even has more Vitamin C than oranges!


I was excited to try Little Bunny Guru’s Organic Wheatgrass Kits and found the wheatgrass grew quickly and easily! I planted seeds in a few different pots, then put these in front of a window so they would get ample sunlight as per instructions. Other than making sure the soil stayed damp, I left the pots alone. Within 5 days the wheatgrass had already grown approximately 6″ long!


The wheatgrass was a huge hit! All of our pets loved it! I often caught our cats enjoying a nibble here and there and the rabbits and guinea pigs couldn’t get enough! Best of all, once I’d let them snack on it for a bit, I could take it away and let it regrow! Wheatgrass is also quite healthy for humans and a great addition to smoothies!



  • An all natural treat full of nutrients and vitamins
  • Easy to grow, even for those who don’t have green thumbs!
  • Safe for all pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, dogs and cats
  • All of our pets enjoyed this healthy treat
  • Regrows easily for repeated use
  • Gentle on sensitive tummies


  • Wheatgrass is an excellent all natural treat that was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the pets at our house! Due to this and it’s healthy properties, I don’t have anything negative to say about it!

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Thank you so much to Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals for sending us this product to review!

Rating: 5/5


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  1. Oh, thanks so much for posting this! It is gonna be so helpful when I get wheatgrass at the market! Fabulous!

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