REVIEW: Organic Cookies by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals


Organic Cookies are an all natural treat by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals. These cookies are the perfect reward for your rabbit as they are very low in sugar, have no fillers and contain no starchy items like commercial treats. They are prepared raw so there is no loss in nutritional value and are made from a blend of the finest herbs and organic and natural ingredients.


Unfortunately our original package of Organic Cookies was damaged during shipping. Upon discovering this, Little Bunny Guru set to work making us up a fresh batch and shipping them to us express! Her packaging is always professional and lovely as well as eco-friendly when possible.


These were a huge success at our house! The rabbits and guinea pigs couldn’t get enough of these treats. As they are made up of all natural ingredients I enjoyed the fact that I could give out a few extras here and there! Ollie has an extremely sensitive stomach and yet these didn’t bother him at all!


  • An all natural treat made from organic ingredients
  • Low in sugars, starches and prepared raw for optimal nutritional value
  • Safe for other small pets such as guinea pigs
  • A great treat to aid in clicker training, rewarding for good behaviour or just to spoil your pet here and there
  • Gentle on sensitive tummies


  • These were such a success at our house that I don’t have anything negative to say about them!

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Thank you so much to Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals for sending us this product to review!

Look forward to more reviews of Little Bunny Guru’s products in upcoming weeks!

Rating: 5/5

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