REVIEW: Herb-Ball by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals


The Herb-Ball is an all natural treat handmade by Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals. This small twig ball is stuffed with hay, homemade rabbit safe cookies, camomille and other seasonal herbs. This ball satisfies your rabbit’s natural urge to chew and is a healthy treat for your small pet. It is also a great boredom breaker as it requires your rabbit to get pretty crafty to get to the treats inside.

IMG_7025I knew Ollie would be the perfect candidate to test out this toy! He normally doesn’t care for toys unless there is food involved. Instant success! The next thing I knew he was running around with it in his mouth! When he finally calmed down he began digging at the ball to get to the little bits inside! Ollie has a fairly sensitive stomach but as the ingredients were all natural he didn’t seem to have any digestive problems afterwards.



  • Satisfies your rabbit’s urge to chew
  • Keeps your rabbit’s brain busy and prevents boredom
  • Entire product is edible
  • Safe, all natural treat that seems gentle on even sensitive tummies
  • Would also be safe for guinea pigs


  • I really don’t have a con for this product! When I opened it I knew it would be an instant success! As it offers a variety of different ingredients I feel that even a rabbit that is not food oriented would be inclined to take a nibble here and there!

At first glance this product does seem a little costly however I think it’s worth every penny! It is handmade and has only all natural ingredients without hidden additives, preservatives and sugars like many shop bought treats.

You can see how excited Ollie was about this treat here.

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Thank you so much to Little Bunny Guru & Small Pet Naturals for sending us this product to review!

Look forward to more reviews of Little Bunny Guru’s products in upcoming weeks!

Rating: 5/5

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