Box & Tunnel Toy!

IMG_7040This is a great and inexpensive way to add some fun to your rabbit’s floor time. It also mimics a rabbit’s natural habitat by providing a series of tunnel systems for them to run and explore!


  • Cardboard boxes (These can be any size although you may want to avoid any that are too small for your rabbit to fit through!)
  • Cat tunnel (I get mine from the dollar store however if you don’t have these already, can’t find them in your area or they are too pricey you could also use different rectangular boxes or large mailing tubes to create the same effect.
  • Box cutter
  • Pencil, pen or marker to mark cut outs
  • Any other toys or treats you have around the house that you may want to hide inside for your rabbit to find!


  • $0-$3 This could be free if you only use boxes and tunnels you’ve already purchased. Since these tunnels are from the dollar store they cost me $2 plus tax.



Begin by deciding which side of the box you want your tunnel to go through. Hold the tunnel against the box and draw around it to get the right size for your circle.


Now use your box cutter to cut along the outline you drew. You have the perfect hole to fit your tunnel! Now repeat this on the other box so you can pop the other side of the tunnel through it and connect the boxes together!


You could get really creative with this and have an entire system of boxes and tunnels that connect together! Make sure that you also cut a few doorways so your rabbits can get in and out of the maze!


I also like to add a few toys and fun things for my rabbits to find within their tunnels. In the larger box there is an old yellow pages book which the rabbits love to dig and shred! I’ve also added a few willow toys and a couple treats for them to find!

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