The Bunnies Get A Surprise In The Mail!

A few weeks ago the bunnies received a surprise gift from Hayley, Mocha and Lulu of 101Rabbits! After eagerly opening the package, the bunnies began binkying in excitement – it was a bag o’ hay!

I put the bag on the floor and Rocky and Honey hopped up to it excitedly.


Rocky proceeded to rip it open, having a good look inside and pulling out a few oat pellets and bits of hay!


Next up was Honey’s turn! She chinned the top of the bag and satisfied she had marked it as her own, started to have a munch!


It was a big hit! Thank you Hayley, the bunnies loved their present!

You can learn how to make this toy here.

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One Response to The Bunnies Get A Surprise In The Mail!

  1. Tina says:

    My bunny loves to toss plastic bowls around is she playing or is she mad?

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