REVIEW: Super Pet Chew Mobile Vegetable Garden


This mobile consists of an all natural wooden base that has small loofah chews hanging off of it.  It comes with a long string to clip to the top of your rabbit’s cage which allows the mobile to dangle, enticing your rabbit to try and catch the loofah chews on each end!  This provides both enrichment for your rabbit as well as satisfying their natural urge to chew.  Watch your bunny grab the loofah pieces and swing the mobile around, trying to nibble on the chews at the same time!



  • Suitable for other small pets such as guinea pigs and rats.
  • Comes with a long rope which could easily be adjusted to fit the height of your cage.
  • The entire thing is safe for chewing so when the loofah is gone your pet may still enjoy gnawing on the wooden pieces.
  • This toy provides bunnies with what they love most – to chew and toss.
  • Doesn’t take up any floor space in the cage.
  • Not only is it fun for bunny but it is entertaining to watch your rabbit swing the pieces around!


  • Fairly large so you do need a good amount of open space for it to to be able to swing around.
  • Since this is a mobile it’s only suitable for cages that have a top to them so it can be hung.
  • The hanging pieces are made out of loofah which I’ve found not all rabbits are fond of.

Rating 4.5/5

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