Everything You Wanted To Know About Hay & Your Rabbit

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  1. Jesse Picard says:

    I just watched your video on all about hay and pellets. but my local pet store is unFortunetly costly but where I get my supplies.it has a variety of pellets that is made of 70 percent Timothy but they are not shaped regular pellets but they’re round and look like rabbit poop . I have them mixed in with regular pallets on top of Timothy hay mixed with some Botanical hay.

    Some sad news … I had bought the goumet mixed pellets that has small seers corn and other stuff. DO NOT BUY… I had an older rabbit who died in my hands last week as he was choking harshly on something in the mix. And I could do nothing as there is no afternoon/evening small animal vet and I dont drive and had no time .itt was distressing

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