Bunday Sunday!

Submitted By: Jacquelyn

This is Cinnabun, a 1 year old Mini-Lop.  Cinnabun’s favourite things include cilantro, cardboard boxes, cranberries and being spoiled! She wakes her Mom every morning by smashing her litterbox in to the side of her x-pen at 6am to  remind her it’s breakfast time! Cinnabun also enjoys big flops, long siestas and trying to distract her Mama from the tv by staring at her very, very, intently.

Thanks Jacquelyn!

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One Response to Bunday Sunday!

  1. Pam says:

    Cinnabun is my grand-niece. She is such a charmer and is very, very spoiled. Cin is the “princess” of the house 🙂

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