Bunday Sunday!

Submitted By: Robyn

Meet Wanda and her bonded buddy Moose.  Wanda is Robyn’s first rabbit and still part of their family.  Moose was a stray on the streets who was attacked and who Robyn adopted from the Toronto Humane Society.  He’s had multiple surgeries on his neck to remove abscesses but when he developed an abscess in the nerves of his eye it caused him to go blind.  Robyn says being blind doesn’t slow Moose down though!  He still loves to binky and play and is incredibly social.  Wanda takes good care of her husbun by grooming, snuggling, staying near him and letting him eat and drink first.  Robyn thinks Moose would be lost without Wanda by his side and considers them both to be very special buns!

Robyn is also the owner of ~Bales4Bunnies~ supplying fresh timothy hay to bunnies in the Peterborough area for affordable prices!

Check out her website here: http://bales4bunnies.webs.com/

And ‘Like’ her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Bales4Bunnies

Thanks Robyn!

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