Activity Hay Box

This will take only moments to make, keep your rabbit entertained and is absolutely free!


  • Cardboard box
  • Hay
  • Scissors or Utility Knife



Begin by cutting random shapes on all four sides of your cardboard box.  You want to make them at least 3 inches wide so your rabbit will be able to access the hay but not too wide that the hay is always falling out of the holes.  Keeping the shapes smaller also provides more of a challenge for your rabbit.  When you are finished cutting out your shapes (I cut circles, squares and the occasional star) stuff your box full of hay, close the upper flaps and leave out for your rabbit to find!  This is great for floor time as it’s fairly mess free but provides an enriching toy for your rabbit to play with!

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3 Responses to Activity Hay Box

  1. Farhana says:

    I did this with a kitchen roll tube and hung it from the top of my hun bun’s cage. He didn’t play with it until he managed to pull it to the ground! Haha.

    I’m going to try this way as soon as I find a cardboard box!

  2. PATTY DREWETT says:

    I made this for Wesley and Buttercup and they love it. I think I should have made the holes a little bigger but they are taking care of that problem themselves.

  3. Julietta71 says:

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