Crunchy, Crispy Leaves

It’s that time of year again when the last of the leaves are falling off our trees and we’re left with these huge piles of them in our yard!  Before you rake them up, let your bunnies play in them!  If you have a secured backyard or can set up a pen for them outside enjoy watching them bounce and snack.

Crunchy leaves are a safe snack for your rabbits (as long as you don’t spray pesticides) and make an awful lot of fun for your Bun!  My rabbits love munching away on dried leaves or hopping around in them.  They love the crunchy noise they make and can dig to their hearts content.

If your rabbit is strictly indoors only, bring some inside!  Let them dry out on your deck then fill up a cardboard box with leaves to make a fun box for Bun to dig in!  Stuff brown paper bags with leaves and let your bunny go to work trying to get the fun treat inside!  Or if you don’t mind a mess just dump a bagful on the floor and let them go to town!

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