Mini Treat Bags

I’ve recently discovered that some of my Twitter friends have had difficulties finding brown paper bags to make loot bags out of so this may be a good alternative.  The loot bags are great when your rabbit is hopping around free roam but can be a little large and extra messy when given in their cage.  These mini treat bags on the other hand are the perfect bite sized snack that your rabbit will still enjoy ripping in to and tossing around!


  • brown shipping paper or newspaper
  • sisal rope
  • hay/treats/assorted goodies

Cost: Free!

These only take minutes to make so if you have multiple rabbits you can make a whole bunch of them in no time!  Start by cutting a 6-8″ square out of the paper.  This doesn’t have to be exact, your rabbit isn’t going to mind if your dimensions are off.  Next put a small amount of the hay and goody mixture in the centre of your paper.  Avoid putting anything fresh so it doesn’t go bad or turn your other treats mushy but dried apple or willow leaves would be yummy too!  Then you’re going to wrap this up and tie with the sisal rope.  Tie right above the bubble holding the treats so there’s about an inch or so of extra paper for your rabbit to nibble.  I also double knotted the rope and tied in a bow so my bunnies would have something easy to grab with their teeth and toss.  That’s it!  They’re really that simple and hopefully provide a great alternative if you can’t get your hands on some paper bags or just want to create a smaller version of the bunny loot bag.

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4 Responses to Mini Treat Bags

  1. April says:

    Dear BudgetBunny,

    I was googling for “cheap apple sticks” when I came upon your website. I have read all the entries under “About”. Your stories with each of your pets are very touching. I’m so glad to have ran into you. I, like you, have a multi-species household. I have a standard poodle, a bunny, 4 Gouldian finches, 6 poison dart frogs, 12+ budgies and 4 button quails in the outdoor aviary, 2 turtles, and a bunch of koi fish in the pond. I’m getting a second rabbit soon- may need your advice in bonding.


    • BudgetBunny says:

      Thank you so much! My pets mean (almost) everything to me and it’s great to hear from another animal lover who knows how important that feels! Please check back often and good luck with your critters!

  2. Farhana says:

    Love this idea! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself!

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