Pinecone Nibblers

Get those teeth moving with this simple and all natural treat – pinecones!

When choosing pinecones make sure they come from trees that aren’t sprayed or treated with pesticides, herbicides or any type of toxins that could hurt your rabbit.  Pick pinecones that have little or no sap on them to make cleaning them easier. Go for the regular, small round pinecones as opposed to the long and narrow ones.  The longer ones are harder to clean, dry out and aren’t as thick as a standard cone so they don’t give your rabbits teeth as much of a workout.

Rinse the pinecones with water to get any leaves, twigs or dirt out from them.  You can also use a toothbrush to gently scrape off any gunk.  I let them dry overnight, then bake them in the oven for 45 min. at 375F.  I do this to dry any damp parts of the pinecones, dry up any extra dirt I might have missed and kill any bugs or bacteria I may have missed.  If any of them get a little sooty, get out the toothbrush again to do a little last minute cleanup.  Leave them to cool for a few hours and then they’re ready for nomming!

Give to your bunnies as is!  Depending on the rabbit he may prefer to toss his around like a toy while others may love nibbling the edges.  Either way they’re guaranteed to keep Buns busy!  Best of all?  Once you’ve found your pinecone location you can always go back for more!


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